Divi-X Index Performance Review for November 2017

The year of 2017 is turning out to be an astronomical year for the “Divi-X” Index; the highest performing year since its inception back in June 2009. As you can see from the chart below, year-to-date, my “Divi-X” Index at 59.91% is already outperforming its underlying stocks in the Dow by 37.09%. More impressively, it is now outperforming the best YTD performing index, NASDAQ, by more than double!

YTD Divi-X Index Perf Review

YTD Divi-X Index Perf Review

For those of you unfamiliar with the “Divi-X” Index, the index is the byproduct of the “Divi-X” system that I developed and wrote about in “The Dividend Times: An Introduction to the “Divi-X” System.”

In “The Dividend Times,” I applied variations of my “Divi-X” system to all twenty-nine dividend paying stocks in the Dow at the time (CSCO was the only stock not paying a dividend then). The “Divi-X” Index continues to track the performance of those stocks to this day. The reason I chose every dividend paying stock in the Dow is because I did not want to appear to be cherry picking the best performers while avoiding the losers just to make my system look misleadingly better than it actually is.

From time to time, I post performance updates of the “Divi-X” Index on Facebook and Twitter, but every month-end, I have been posting detailed, drill-down data on the “Divi-X” Index on my web site and Seeking Alpha. Below is the latest performance review for November 2017.  Take special notice of Cisco Systems (CSCO) which I just added in Sept. of this year to replace DuPont which stopped paying a dividend when it merged with Dow Chemical.

Download (PDF, 771KB)

Continued success on your investing endeavors and, as always, many happy returns.

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