My Divi-X 2016 Buy and Sell Performance

Happy New Year everyone!  The beginning of January is normally a time when everyone reviews the success of their picks from the year before and here will not be any different.  On this site, I periodically post articles of securities using the “Divi-X” System, as well as articles on securities I invest in personally using the “Divi-X”…

APTS Return Scenario 2016

Annual Performance Review of Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc. 2016

APTS 110215 11.11 Yld 6.93 PE 14.18 MP 65 Returns Since November 2015 APTS – 24.57%     APTS with “Divi-X” – 34.78% Welcome to our very first ‘Play of the Week’ Annual Review since we started this web site a year ago.  My initial intention was to post a new ‘Play of the Week’ every week for fifty-two weeks, and…

GAB Dividend Reinvestment Returns Comparison

Reinvesting Dividends With “Divi-X”

  GAB 092311 4.75 Yld 13.17 PE NA MP50 GAB Using Dividend Reinvestment- 91.40% GAB Using Dividend Reinvestment with “Divi-X” – 148.05% I recently added a chart to Twitter showcasing the use of “Divi-X,” with or without dividend reinvestment, often and handily outperformed dividend reinvestment when ‘not’ using “Divi-X.” * AAPL paid no dividends five years ago…

General Electric

“Divi-X” – General Electric on Steroids

GE 090116 31.28 Yld 2.94 PE 37.17 MP MAX Returns Since June 19, 2009 GE – 201.06%     GE with “Divi-X” – 315.03% In my book, “The Dividend Times:  An Introduction to The “Divi-X” System,” I devoted a chapter to the maximum risk level of “Divi-X” using all of the ‘then’ 29 of the 30 (Cisco didn’t pay dividends) dividend…


“Divi-X”: A Door of Opportunity For Investors in the Maker of Windows

MSFT 081716 57.56 Yld 2.50 PE 27.38 MP 80 Returns Since April 23, 2010 MSFT – 105.88%     MSFT with “Divi-X” – 123.57% This week, I’ll be featuring Microsoft Corporation (MSFT).  When I was putting together the “Divi-X” System, I emphasized that I was not cherry-picking stock selections to glorify my system and make it seem that it was better than…

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