YTD Divi-X Index Perf Review

Divi-X Index Performance Review for November 2017

The year of 2017 is turning out to be an astronomical year for the “Divi-X” Index; the highest performing year since its inception back in June 2009. As you can see from the chart below, year-to-date, my “Divi-X” Index at 59.91% is already outperforming its underlying stocks in the Dow by 37.09%. More impressively, it…

Personal 2017 1st Qtr Results

1st Quarter Divi-X Performance

Building on the amazing returns I enjoyed in 2016 (details here), click to enlarge here are the first quarter returns for 2017.  Lee’s Divi-X 1st Qtr 2017 Returns Most of this portfolio consists mainly of high-yielders because I’m trying to build a new portfolio up quickly.  We’ll see how this strategy works.  So far so…

GAB 012297 9.25 Yld 9.83 MP 80 20YR Feat PicReinv

Twenty Years of Reinvesting Dividends With Divi-X

Welcome to my second installment on “After Twenty Years of Divi-X, You Won’t Believe It.”  In the first article, I covered the performance history of an “Ugly Duckling” using “Divi-X” over the last twenty years without reinvesting dividends.  In this article, I cover the same “Ugly Duckling” (Gabelli Equity Trust, Inc.) with dividends reinvested for…

General Electric

“Divi-X” – General Electric on Steroids

GE 090116 31.28 Yld 2.94 PE 37.17 MP MAX Returns Since June 19, 2009 GE – 201.06%     GE with “Divi-X” – 315.03% In my book, “The Dividend Times:  An Introduction to The “Divi-X” System,” I devoted a chapter to the maximum risk level of “Divi-X” using all of the ‘then’ 29 of the 30 (Cisco didn’t pay dividends) dividend…

Coca-Cola (KO): Let it Ride? I Don’t Think So

Use History’s Greatest Wealth Builder in Your Portfolio Buy Now! on Amazon KO 052016 43.95 Yld 3.19 PE 26.56 Returns since April 20, 2010 KO 89.55%     KO with “Divi-X” 104.00% The Coca-Cola Co is another component of the “Divi-X” Index which closely mirrors the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  There is no particular reason why I…

Proctor & Gamble Just Announced a Token Dividend Increase

Proctor & Gamble (PG) Just Announced a Token Dividend Increase Proctor & Gamble (PG) just recently announced a very slight increase in its annual dividend to shareholders.  Based on some of the shareholders comments from around the web, I get the impression that just as many people are displeased with the small increase as there are…

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