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My name is Lee Carroll Wentker.  When I developed the “Divi-X” System, it was not meant for distribution, but solely for my own personal use.  It did not even occur to me, at the time, that I was developing something that could benefit others.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t even sure if it would benefit me.

The “Divi-X” System came about when I decided to apply the same methods that I used to acquire real estate and business assets over the years to the simple task of purchasing dividend paying securities on the open market.  I didn’t expect much.  All I hoped to do was pick up a few extra shares and earn a few extra percentage points on my investments.  After many, many hours of honing my model and applying it to real case scenarios, I was literally astonished at the success rate.

Putting my money where my mouth is, I have actually, and am currently, using this system to great success.  Here are my last two buy and sell’s.

GameStop (GME)     Purchase Date: 06/24/16     Purchase Price: $25.5116     Dividend Yield: 5.80%     Sell Date:  09/14/16     Sell Price: $27.022

Without “Divi-X” With “Divi-X”
Cash Paid $25.5116 $25.5116
Actual Rtrn 7.36% 10.75%
Annualized Rtrn 29.44% 43.00%
Cash Value $27.39 $28.25

Look at the annualized return.  That’s almost an ‘extra’ 11% return more than ‘Without “Divi-X” and I held it for less than three months.  This shows that you don’t have to reap large gains in share price for outstanding returns using the “Divi-X” System.  Here’s another one:

Prospect Capital (PSEC)     Purchase Date: 02/17/16     Purchase Price: $5.6678     Dividend Yield: 17.64%     Sell Date: 09/14/16     Sell Price: $7.7642

Without “Divi-X” With “Divi-X”
Cash Paid $5.6678 $5.6678
Actual Rtrn 47.28% 108.63%
Annualized Rtrn 81.05% 186.22%
Cash Value $8.35 $11.82

I literally, more than doubled my investment in about seven months ($11.82 less $5.6678 = $6.1522) and earned over 100% more on my investment than someone that didn’t use the “Divi-X” System!

It is my sincerest hope that you too can experience similar or better results.

As always, many happy returns!





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